Problem-solving and attacking challenges head-on as a team is our strength. Focusing on providing earth-friendly product solutions and maintaining sustainable opportunities is our passion. Understanding and solving our customers’ challenges is our vision and mission.

We take great pride in creating sustainable buy/sell partnerships between our customers and suppliers. Our goal is to provide both sides with a perfect fit that stands up under all market conditions. Our timely and accurate market information adds exceptional value to every transaction we negotiate.

Our Team

We credit our market leadership position to our teams talent, experience, and professionalism. Each sales professional on our team has more than 30 years of industry experience.

Our highly skilled operations personnel and innovative sales team members provide superior solutions for various containerboard and converted packaging products. Customers experience impeccable service and a guarantee that every transaction with EFI is simple and painless.


Pete Butier

Pete Butier, President of Evergreen Fibres for 21 years, has an impressive 45year history in the packaging industry. Before Evergreen Fibres, Pete held manufacturing management and sales positions with major integrated producers. His last position was Vice President and General Manager of containerboard and Kraft Paper divisions at Stone Container where he was responsible for the sale of 1.5mm tons per year.

Pete’s approach to growing Evergreen stems from the ability to source, service, and sell a variety of paper and packaging solutions to a nontraditional customer base. Pete and his wife Jeannie live in the Carmel area of California.

Pete has three grown children and in his spare time enjoys collecting wine and playing guitar and piano. Both he and Jeannie enjoy a great run on the beach.


Evergreen’s divisions and partnerships offer our accounts specificity regarding their business needs. Each of our affiliates offers unique insights and diverse problemsolving skills. While our divisions differ by geographical area, product type, and client focus, they all reflect the same quality values of Evergreen Fibres.